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Lake Chapel Cemetery - Freestone CountyTexas

  infant son Evans S-               
    Lillian E. Nilsson Chappell S-  Marion Huckaby "Tex" Chappell S-  Katie Mary Strain Chappell S- 
Caphes David Chappell S- 
Dewitt C. Chappell S-  Nella Marie "Tiny" Chappell S-    Louie Sneed Chappell S- 
Myrtle Elizabeth Day Chappell S- 
Mary Gordon Tate S-    John Marion Chappell S-  Mary Elizabeth Mims "Polly" Chappell S-    Howard Chappell S-  Cora Chappell S-  Donald E. Morrison S- 
Geneva Chappell Morrison S- 
Lovey Malissa Owen Odom S- 
Franklin Bartholomew Odom S- 
  Epaphroditus W. "Epps" Odom S-  Mary Elizabeth Chappell Odom S-  infant daughter Odom S-    Lovie A. Odom S-  John F. Odom S-     
James F. Keaton S-  Bessie Smith Keaton S-  Edel Keaton S-  M. Ellie Freeman S-  W.T. Keaton S-  M.E. Keaton S-    John B. Keaton S-  infant daughter Keaton S- 
Edward Richardson S-  Harvel Hackney Richardson S-  Arma Elizabeth Richardson S-             
J.T. Lott S-  Willis B. Young S-  A.B. "Gus" Young S-  Alexine Young S-    Marry Young S- 
Bessie Young S- 
Raymond Lee Lott S-     
James Edward "Son" Medaris S-  Irma Louise Kent S- 
Mary Elizabeth Odom "Betty" Kent S- 
Oscar E. Medaris S-    Willie Powers Slaughter S-  infant Slaughter S-       
James L. Willard S-  Timothy Samuel Willard S-  John Fletcher Willard S-  James Madison Willard S-  Ida L. Lake Willard S- 
Sallie Micheal Willard S- 
Ella Reese Brown Willard S-  Harry R. Willard S-  Martha J. "Mattie" Willard S-   

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