Lake Chapel Cemetery-Lake Chapel-Section: Zone: D1

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Lake Chapel Cemetery - Freestone CountyTexas

Price Lee S-  Agustus G. Lee S-      Robert Edward Lee S-    Emmit James Lee S-     
          John Quitman Robertson S- 
Sarah Margaret Speed Robertson S- 
William Franklin Robertson S-  infant daughter Robertson S- 
Sarah A. Robertson S- 
                May Robertson S- 
    John William Giles S- 
Maude Giles S- 
  Archie R. Giles S-  Annie Roselia Robertson Giles S-    infants Giles S-   
George Wayne Blount S-    Pirtle G. Blount S- 
Katherine Elizabeth "Bettie" Blount S- 
  John Franklin Aultman S- 
Nora Elizabeth Robertson Aultman S- 
Estell Aultman S-  Annie B. Aultman S-    infant daughter Aultman S- 
Vincent E. DVM Greening S-  Carolyn Jean Minchew S-  J.W. Rosser S-  Mary Caroline Rosser S-      Cleo A. Coulter S-  Joseph Warren Folk S-  Mollie Nobles Folk S- 
Nelse Frank Willard S- 
Essie Morrell Willard S- 
  Christine Spivey Reynolds S- 
Hubert Reynolds S- 
Edward Dewey Freeman S-  Annie Ione Freeman S-  Irene Velma Freeman S-  Bessie Allene Freeman S-  Thomas Charlie Freeman S-     
Lena Catherine Palmer "Cassie" Orand S- 
William Presley "Billie" Orand S- 
Alice Vivian Tate Spivey S-      Molly Mae Willard Cameron S- 
Johnny Thomas Cameron S- 
  Jack Keller S-     

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