Lake Chapel Cemetery-Lake Chapel-Section: Zone: E1

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Lake Chapel Cemetery - Freestone CountyTexas

  Harry E. Lee S-    Millage Bonner Missildine S- 
Beulah May Missildine S- 
  Mary Norwood Chappell DeFrance S-    Ernest Minchew S- 
Robbie Strain Chappell Minchew S- 
William W. Speed S- 
Della Robertson S- 
  Jennie Taylor Robertson S-    Emma Ellen Robertson S-  Winnie Johnson S-      L.M. Odom S-   
Kacy Lyn Robertson S-  Homer Jesse Jr. Robertson S- 
Vivian Faulkner Robertson S- 
Beaulah Vestal Robertson S- 
James Franklin "Jim" Robertson S- 
  Emory I. "Billy" Cooper S- 
Mildred S. Murphy Cooper S- 
  Isam B. Chamblee S-  Unknown S-   
  Lucy Orand Aultman S- 
William Sneed Aultman S- 
Lurana Hayes Folk S- 
Freddie Elias Rev. Folk S- 
  Dorothy Folk Barlow S-        M. Frances Whitaker S- 
Steward C. Whitaker S- 
  Dorothy Moore Johns S- 
Myrta B. Keller Willard S- 
Nelse A. Willard S- 
  Dewitt O'Neal Keller S-  Clemmie Keller S-    Ada Onezia Keller Donaldson S- 
Thomas Rufus Donaldson S- 
  Thomas Carl Donaldson S-   
John Slater Baker S-  Frances M. Vestal S-  Wiley Clark W. Day S- 
Rena D. Cannon Day S- 
  William C. Day S-        Mabel Louise Cockrell S- 
Clyde Ray Cockrell S- 

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