Lake Chapel Cemetery-Lake Chapel-Section: Zone: H1

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Lake Chapel Cemetery - Freestone CountyTexas

      Lottie Rena Ivy York S-  James Everett York S-  Brent Wade York S-      B.W. "Bill" York S- 
Teresa K. York S- 
  Josie Gibbins Gunter S- 
Lena D. Orand S- 
    James Edward Casey S-  Albert Thomas York S- 
Annie Irene Orand Casey S- 
Doris Marie Casey S-    James Sneed Orand S-  Imogene Richardson Orand S-  James Fredrick Orand S- 
  Mary Fae Scott Phillips S- 
Benjamin Franklin Jr. Phillips S- 
    Billy Ray Conn S-  Lucy Lee Conn S-    Roger W. Jr. Craig S- 
Dorothy M. Craig S- 
Lucretia Lynette Caldwell S- 
Dillard Earl Phillips S-    Mattie Sibyl Phillips S- 
Earl Phillips S- 
  Margaret J. Edwards S-  Need PIC Pt 3142 Unknown S-    Jessie Lee Smitherman Smart S- 
Van Hook Smart S- 
Joe Newton Phillips S- 
Sandra L. Phillips S- 
  Charlie Moore S- 
Ada Grace Moore S- 
Thomas Moore S- 
Madeline Marie Moore S- 
Hettie "Mother" Hankins S-  Willie Moore Ashton S-    Martha Fisher Reddell S-  Roby Nichols Dixon S-   
            Johnnye Cynthia Moore Stanton S- 
Charles Stanton S- 

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