Lake Chapel Cemetery-Lake Chapel-Section: Zone: J1

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Lake Chapel Cemetery - Freestone CountyTexas

Mary Lou Smart Conn S-  Daniel Hayden Jr. McCurdy S-  Winona Ann Smith S-  Nora Lee Smith S-           
  Mary Jewell Key S- 
Aubrey Franklin Key S- 
Michael Ray Key S-             
Crystal Gail Moore S-  Karen Elizabeth Moore S-               
William I. Goolsby S- 
Mattie Lee Ward Goolsby S- 
Need PIC Pt 3154 Unknown S-  Glenn Wallace S-  Patricia Reeder Wallace S-  Dee Wallace-Goetsch S-  Randall Wallace S-  Lloyd Greene S- 
C.Gail Lee Greene S- 
    Lee Mallard S- 
Myrtis Ione Mallard S- 

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